Why You Don't Need to Know 100 Weight Loss Tips to Lose Weight

Do you think it's necessary to read about and understand 100 weight loss tips - or even more - in order for you to lose weight?

Well, think again because that's not the truth!

The media has brainwashed us into thinking we need to know all kinds of different ways to lose weight, sometimes even making us think we need to know 100 weight loss tips before we can even start thinking about putting them into practice.

But I'm here today to tell you that you DON'T need to learn dozens or hundreds of ways to lose weight.

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However I do recommend learning at least a dozen or so. That way you can put all of them together and create a weight loss plan that works for you.

So let me tell you 5 building blocks to weight loss success to get you started:

1) Eat More Protein - By eating more protein, you'll unlock the thermogenesis effect. To put it simply, different foods take more energy to burn off inside your body. For example, you burn off roughly 30% of the calories from protein, around 20% or a little less from carbohydrates (depending on the source), and only around 3-5% for fats.

2) Add High Intensity Interval Training - known as HIIT, this type of training creates a process in your body called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). Put simply, when you do this type of exercising it forces your body to work harder after you're done exercising which causes you to burn more calories for up to 48% longer. Plus, it's A LOT more fun than the traditional long, slow, boring cardio like jogging.

3) Drink More Water - This may seem like a very common sense weight loss tip, but it's one that very few people follow. The average person consumes roughly 30% of their calories from liquids (i.e. soda, alcohol, fruit juices, etc.). If you simply stop drinking all that stuff, you can reduce your caloric intake by about 30%, depending on how much of it you currently drink. Out of 100 weight loss tips, or even more, this is by the easiest way to lose weight.

4) Mix It Up - Instead of doing the same workout over and over, trying mixing it up once in awhile. If you're currently doing bodyweight exercises, start lifting with weights. If you mix up your workouts once in awhile it creates what's known as "muscle confusion" and causes your body to burn more energy by trying to compensate for the difference in muscle stimulation. There are many different ways to exercise, I suggest finding more of my articles and looking though them to see if you can find something you think you'd like to do!

5) Track What You Eat - Let me be honest about something. I don't personally do this. However, I used to and I still recommend others do it. Why? Because until you start tracking what you eat, you don't notice how much you're actually eating. Most people underestimate what they eat by roughly 30% or so. Just think of how much weight you'll be able to lose when you know exactly how many calories are going in your mouth. What I recommend is tracking what you eat for a few weeks just to notice your "habits". After that you can keep tracking or not, depending on your lifestyle. Some people can lose weight fine without tracking what they eat, others absolutely depend on keeping track of their calories just to be sure. It's up to you!

If you add these 5 tips into your life, you don't have to worry about reading 100 weight loss tips and trying to remember them all. Just stick to the basics, use some common sense, be honest with yourself about how much you're working out and how much you're eating, follow these weight loss tips, and the rest will come naturally.

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