Fat Loss Diet Plan - A Highly Effective Weight Loss Diet For the Seriously Fat Person

You must have heard umpteen times that a fat loss diet should consist of food that is low in carbohydrates, fatty substances, and calories. You must have already tried out all these diet plans without any effect. Are you wondering that all the fat loss diet plans are a big hoax and none of them are effective? Do you think it is impossible to lose weight by following any of these much hyped fat loss diet plans? Unfortunately, you are right! Many of the fat loss diet plans are over hyped and they are not effective in reality. But do not be discouraged because here is a completely new fat loss diet plan that guarantees weight loss in about eleven days. Moreover, this weight loss program is reasonably priced in comparison to many of the diet plans that are being popularly offered online.

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The Fat Loss Diet plan according to the Fat Loss 4 Idiots crew is specifically formulated after studying the effects of all other weight loss diet plans and identifying their loopholes. This diet plan is formulated after specifically reaching down to the roots of the fat burning mechanism of the body. This diet plan is different because unlike other plans that focus only on the food that is consumed, it deals with the behavior of the digestive mechanism of the human body after the food is taken. According to this diet plan it does not really matter whether you take more of carbohydrates or fats. What actually matters is taking the right food in the right intervals of time and following the right pattern. In fact you should be eating three times more than you usually do according to this diet plan. Now that is something that comes as a surprise to you, isn't it?

Let us reason out why by reducing the carbohydrate or fat intake you do not actually lose much weight. Normally, your body is used to burning a certain amount of calories. If you reduce the number, it will detect the change and adjust itself to the new amount of calories. It will start burning lesser amount of calories and deposit the rest in your body. This in turn does not reduce your weight. The same principle works for burning fat also. The Fat Loss 4 Idiots technique works by manipulating the fat burning hormones secretion.

They enhance the secretion of the fat burning hormones and decrease the secretion of the fat storage hormones. Because of this most of the calories are burnt easily and fast. There is another technique that the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan utilizes called calorie shifting which has been scientifically designed to confuse the human body about the amount of calories that are a person consumes. The weight loss enthusiasts are expected to eat varying amounts of calories in a special way.

Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat

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