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Weight loss is the only way to fight the growing problem of obesity in the world today. Fast foods, processed and prepared foods all contribute to weight problems. Everyone knows how to eat healthy but it is so easy to give in to the ease and speed of fast food choices. The basic foods are healthy, but they generally contain additives and are higher in fat or sugar content than the same food you would prepare yourself. You can't beat home cooking for when you follow the food guide recommended portions and include all the food groups to promote healthy weight loss.

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We all know that it is much easier to put on the pounds than it is to take them off. It is easy to mistakenly believe that the guidelines for healthy eating apply to everyone else and surely are not meant for us. Denial of facts is a struggle for everyone. We can easily talk ourselves into eating fast foods, high fat and sugary foods because we like them and the effects on our health are not usually immediately felt. Sooner or later though, the unhealthy effects of weight gain start to rear their ugly head and we have to seriously consider the best options for weight loss. None of this should come as a big surprise to anyone. For whatever reason, whether it is time, convenience or choice, we fool ourselves into believing that we can lead a sedentary lifestyle and still be healthy. Avoiding a healthy lifestyle is easy to ignore when we, as consumers or customers, are bombarded by the benefits of immediate gratification and indulgence.

Prevention and a healthy balance of diet and exercise is the key to staying slim and trim. We all learn at an early age what constitutes healthy food, a balanced diet and regular exercise to promote health. There is really nothing wrong with indulging your taste buds on occasion. Unfortunately, many people prefer to indulge more often than not. This is leading to a growing problem of over weight and obese people struggling with the challenge of weight loss. The increase in health risks associated with excessive weight gain is often the motivation to move to a healthier lifestyle.

Obesity studies have shown an increased risk of developing serious health conditions that can lead to death. The incidence of type II diabetes and insulin resistance is on the rise. Obesity is a contributing factor in 8 out of 10 people diagnosed with type II diabetes and related conditions. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is impacted by the food we eat. Essential consideration in treating the spectrum of diabetic conditions are diet and exercise. The type and quantity of food consumed is strictly regulated according to exercise and to enable people with diabetes to live a long and healthy life. Left untreated, or, if dietary guidelines are ignored, serious complications including death can result.

Many other health conditions cite obesity as a contributing factor. Scientific evidence is growing about the pervasive effects of weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle on the overall health of individuals and society as a whole. Cardiovascular disease including coronary disease, high blood pressure and strokes list obesity as a contributing factor. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gall bladder disease, breast and colon cancer all have increased risk for people who are over weight or obese.

With such a huge impact on health and wellness for the overall population, it is no wonder that weight loss is a huge industry today. Many weight loss products, programs and gimmicks hit the market everyday. Not all weight loss programs are effective and some are downright unsafe. There are no miracle pills or drinks that, on their own, will promote a healthy and sustained weight loss.

Dietary and meal supplements can help but should never be the only strategy you use for safe, sustained and maintained weight control. Lifestyle changes which include diet choices, eating habits and regular exercise are integral to healthy weight loss. it is important to look at the science behind the claims when considering how you will manage your healthy program for weight loss.

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