Shifting Calories - Weight Loss Or Just Water?

You can follow almost any kind of diet for a few days and drop a pound or two of water weight. But as soon as you eat something with salt or stop restricting your intake as much, you'll gain the weight back. With a diet based on shifting calories, weight loss is real fat loss, not just water, even in the first 11 days.

Fat Weight vs Water Weight

Will some of the 9 pounds you'll lose in the first 11 days be water weight? Of course a pound or two might be. But it's not a false loss, and it shouldn't discourage you from trying. If you'd been eating an unhealthy diet with too much fat, lots of sugar and refined flour and junk food, you were probably taking in unhealthy amounts of sodium and other chemicals that make you retain water.

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Dropping that extra water that you're body's been hanging onto is a good thing. But unlike other diets, shifting calories weight loss keeps going beyond an initial water weight drop. Some diets will have you lose 4 pounds in 3 days, and then your weight loss stops. That's because you've dropped your excess water weight, and now the diet is showing how ineffective it really is.

Your shifting calories weight loss will keep right on going, to the tune of 9 pounds in 11 days. And most of those 9 pounds will be lost fat, not water weight.

How Do You Know It's Fat and Not Water?

The scale won't tell you that those 9 pounds are fat; it's indiscriminate. It simply reports the numbers. But you will know it's fat.Your body will feel different. You may be able to feel exactly where some fat has melted away. You'll know that it's fat because of the way you've been eating, with foods designed to prompt fat burning and minimize fat storage You'll feel more energetic. You can take a diuretic and lose water weight, but when you've dropped pounds of fat you're taking pressure off your internal organs, you're making your lungs and heart work less hard than before and you're permanently taking weight off your joints and knees. Water weight might make you feel less bloated and better able to fit into your jeans. But shifting calories weight loss that's almost all fat will help you feel healthier, slimmer and more fit than ever before.

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