Weight Loss Secret - 3 Ways to Do it Naturally

Losing weight is hard. Dieting, exercise and making the effort day in and day out can be exhausting, especially when results are slow to appear. Thankfully, there are three specific and results-oriented ways to help accelerate weight loss. They are exercise, eating yoghurt and getting enough Omega 3 oils in your diet.


Yes, it's hard to get away from. No matter where you turn, you're told you must exercise to lose weight. Well, it's true. What's most important to understand, however, is that it's not just cardiovascular exercise that's important, but weight training as well.

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When you add weight training, or any weight-bearing exercises, to your exercise regime you build lean muscle. That muscle helps to speed up your metabolism, which in turn leads to easier weight loss and, ultimately, a more efficient body.

Of course, there are a few challenges. Many people believe that if they lift weights, they will "bulk up". That's actually a fallacy. You might gain some lean muscle and you might even see some muscle definition, but if you don't lift too much, or turn to weight lifting as an end to itself, you won't get big and bulky.

The other challenge is in making sure that's it done right. You should only lift weights on alternate days. That is, don't lift weights on Monday and return to the weight room on Tuesday. Wait until Wednesday instead (and then Friday, Sunday and so on). You can even go three days between weight workouts. The muscles must be given a chance to rest.

If you follow our guidelines and lift weights with lean muscle definition in mind, you will see that you can speed up your weight loss efforts.


It's been shown recently that those dieters who ate yoghurt on a regular basis lost more weight than those who didn't eat yoghurt. In fact, all products containing calcium (like milk and cottage cheese) are beneficial to accelerating weight loss, but it seems that yoghurt is most beneficial to dieters.

Experts say that you should eat yoghurt three times a day while dieting and that to keep with the low-fat and lower-calorie goal, eat nonfat yoghurt as part of your daily diet.

It's a fat burning food that's healthy and so easy to put into practice every day. Find a good quality pot set yogurt with natural ingredients and enjoy it with some blueberries or strawberries.

Omega 3 Oils

Eating Omega 3 fatty acids are a surprising component to weight loss, but experts say that eating them and exercising accelerate weight loss. It's believed that the fatty acids helps improve the flow of blood to the muscles during exercise, which makes your exercise routine more effective.

You can get Omega 3 fatty acids by taking a supplement, or you can get them in foods like eggs (from chickens fed a natural diet), flax or flaxseed oil, raw walnuts, and fish like salmon, herring and mackerel.

There are a few ways to get omega 3. It's not just fish. So see if you can get some every day, to boost your results with your weight loss regime.

Although it's still hard work, you can accelerate your weight loss efforts in a natural way by finding the right mix of food, supplements and exercise. So go for it and get results with your weight loss efforts and look great!

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