4 Steps to Prepare For Weight Loss

Those who have lost weight know that it is hard work. They also know that keeping the weight they've lost off is an even harder task. Given the challenges involved, its best to invest time and energy in preparing before you start your weight loss program. A little preparation will go a long way toward eliminating the frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed when you start and then find you are struggling with a weight loss program. Solid preparation and continuous commitment can move you forward to reach the weight loss goal you establish. In this article I will cover 4 steps to prepare for weight loss.

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1. Eliminate all of your negative thoughts. We each choose what we think about. If you begin to notice yourself having a negative thought, then disengage from it. Don't allow negative thoughts to flow, and never follow the negative thoughts you have. Get out of the habit of thinking and saying negative things and begin to focus on the positive that is all around you. Your weight loss efforts will go much better as you adopt this new positive process.

2. Interact and socialize with others. One of the best ways to change your life is by getting engaged with others. You will find that the social activity of interacting with others will almost instantly decrease your feelings of loneliness. Be sure to surround yourself with healthy and happy people. Their positive energy will affect you in a very positive way!

3. Do good things. Become a volunteer for a charitable organization of your choice, or if you prefer pick an individual and commit to consistently help that person. You may choose to offer your time, or possibly your money. Maybe it is providing others with resources you have that will be of help. Just remember that there is no better feeling than comes with knowing you have helped others. Putting your positive energy and effort out into the world around you will come back to you many times over.

4. Take action! So many times we have good intentions. Yet nothing comes of them. We fail to take the most important step in the process. We fail to take action. It is in taking action that we actually turn our good intentions into reality. Don't let this happen to you. Make a commitment to take action. Be very specific in that commitment. Write it down. What is the weight loss action you will take? When will you take that action? How will you measure you success? Don't forget to recognize and reward yourself for a job well-done!

To your weight loss success!


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