Rapid Weight Loss - How to Maximize Your Weight Shifting the Right Way

Rapid weight loss should be seen in the same class as maximizing weight loss and using the most productive methods of weight loss rather than merely a self-imposed race against the clock which the dieter forces themselves to endure. As the timeless adages goes "slow and steady wins the race."

If you do want to ensure that you are maximizing your weight loss capabilities each and every day, then you will need to address two specific issues, primarily your daily exercise intake, and your daily eating habits. It is only with the proper management of these two crucial factors that you will be able to more effectively ensure rapid weight loss and also help to avoid the trap of assuming that because you have made little progress thus far, you would be better off ditching the diet.

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Even a rudimentary understanding of the basic rules and principles concerning the way in which your body works (in particular the metabolism rate) will go a long way in helping you with your weight loss regime.

Metabolism is the process whereby calories are converted into energy.

Say for example you consume 3,000 calories in one day. You level of exertion for that day means that the body only requires 2,000 calories. The remaining 1,000 calories are then converted into fat and stored in the body. The more active you are, then the more calories you will need and so a smaller amount of calories will be converted into fat deposits.

Pure muscle tissue requires a significantly larger amount of calories to effectively sustain it than ordinary tissue and so the more muscular you are the higher your metabolism rate is. This is in turn means that you will also burn off more calories in less time.

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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Macro-patterning And Interval Sequencing Program


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